Mastering throwing a SB Gravity Disc Mini Frisbee

Mastering throwing a SB Gravity Disc Mini Frisbee

The Sandy Beach Mini Gravity Disc frisbee is designed to be used at various distances. Play catch at short range for leisure or spread way out to test your skill. We've gotten it to fly over 100m. Can you?

Level release = level flight. Angled release = curved flight. That equates to predictable and accurate throws.

Throwing the SB mini frisbee is like skipping a stone, but on the fictitious water's surface. This means it is designed to be thrown forehand, not backhand as you would a Frisbee.

The more you throw the ZipChip the better you will get, and the more fun you'll have. The following graphics are to show you how it's done. Get ready to "Grip it and Zip it".

Hold the chip in your throwing hand with the domed side up. Place your index finger in the groove around the perimeter. The thumb may be on the top or edge. The remaining three fingers will be underneath. Just remember that the grip should be gentle.

Spin: Maximizing spin will combat the enemy; wobble. Generate spin by rolling the the disc off the index fingertip. 

Angle: The disc must be released level for a straight flight. To do this, the forearm must be horizontal.

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